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Security needs to be everyone's concern.With all viruses out there, not to mention the scammers and spammers trying to gain access to your private data through Trojans,viruses,adware,malware and others you need to be protected.


We show you how to remove Malware /Spyware from a PC or laptop. We have the experience and knowledge along with the top removal tools to get your system back to normal (or even better).


The service has been excellent. The Budget Computer team worked very fast and the website has been working well since their manual cleaning. Our Virus & Malware Removal solutions are designed to protect your critical data and equipment while providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Computer Virus Removal

Computer Virus Removal is a process where Our Budget Computer team aim to remove the infection. As such, it does not cause file removal or hard drive formatting. if your operating system is corrupted from the virus, then we would look to recover your files first and then reinstall your operating system. Bottom line, we will look to salvage your files so there is no file loss.

Laptop Virus Removal

There are lots of different types of Laptop viruses. Most of them are designed to harm your Laptop by damaging system or deleting files. Others might even steal your passwords, online banking ID etc.

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Get fast and reliable computer repair services from Budget Computer. We specialize in upgrades, data recovery, re-installs, and more. Schedule your service today!

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